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Meet Mara Khae : Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Mara Khae - Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Mara Khae – Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Career in healthcare

My career in healthcare began with my own personal difficulties. For years, I had been experiencing chronic fatigue, joint pain, digestive problems and insomnia. I had been to a number of doctors and ended up with nothing more than a long list of prescription medications. At the advice of a friend, I went to an alternative health clinic in San Antonio that focused on nutrition, proper supplementation, detoxification, and other lifestyle changes. With that, I was able to get healthy and resolve a lot of my problems. That motivated me to move on to a career in fitness and health.

Personal Trainer

I have worked as a personal trainer in numerous gyms and have extensive experience in individual and group training, including boot camps. I believe my greatest skill is working with people with injuries, past or present. With just a few modifications, most people can learn to exercise safely, without aggravating their injuries and causing more pain.


Although fitness is very important, I have found nutrition is often the key to health. Nutrition is frequently ignored because there is so much contradicting information given to us. It makes it difficult to know what to do. It is also one of the toughest changes to make in most people’s lives. Through my own experience and my experience working with other people, I have learned a simple effective method for quickly and easily improving your nutrition and implementing a new healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to helping you! Please give our Dripping Springs office a call today at (512) 858-5677.