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What Dripping Springs Patients Say About Dripping Springs Chiropractic

I was impressed with Dr. Sikes approach ie combining PT exercise with adjustment treatments as well as his up front discussion on how he would approach treatments (only what I need for only as long as I need them). Exactly what I expected after my research! -John T.

I liked the understanding of my condition I received. I will definitely choose your office for future treatment. I did not feel coerced to come back several times a week long term like some offices encourage. Thanks! -Jonna M.

In addition to the excellent service you provide, I appreciate the after working hours appointment schedule you offer. I also appreciate not being pressured to commit to coming in several times each week for several weeks. You have a very honest approach to your patients, and that gave me confidence in your ability to help our family feel better within our financial means. -Alesta P.

I had seen Brad several years ago, his treatment was very effective so when I recently had problems with my neck, he was the first one I thought of. On my way back to wellness, thank you very much. – Grady J.